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Software for Law Firms
Centurion Consulting Group has developed a number of law firm software products to assist attorneys in managing their firms efficiently and cost-effectively.

Associates' Bonus Calculation Software
Each year partners calculate bonuses for their Associates. Many firms simply take a percentage of each associate's salary or one or two weeks’ salary and earmark that amount as the associate bonus. Associate who work harder than others and put more effort into their jobs are disappointed that they’ve received the same percentage as everyone else.

An increasing number of firms are choosing another route. They pay a competitive salary as a fixed amount and then distribute the firm’s profits as variable amount based on a formula for each type of job. Another type of bonus distribution is based on an associate's contribution to profit. This type of system works particularly well with law, accounting and other firms where associates (other than equity members or partners) bill their time and/or bring in business. Firms pay a competitive fixed salary or slightly less and then reward associates with a variable bonus based on several factors. These factors could include the amount of hours billed over a minimum amount, the expenses incurred by the associate or the amount of new business generated by the associate from new or current clients.

The Bonus law firm software  model helps partners calculate a fair amount based on the associates’ contributions to profit. When firms tie their associates’ bonuses to performance and bottom-line results, they find that employees treat their clients as if they were their own and the firm was theirs. At firms where service is outstanding, employees realize that their bonuses ride on the success of the firm and work hard to improve income and limit expenses. A article looks at how the Associates' Calculation Bonus software can increase revenues.

$1,950.00  To order, call our Toll Free telephone number (866) 746-9514.

Financial Health Dashboard Software
When determining the health of a firm, the first place to start is the financials, which are the pulse, the heartbeat and the temperature of any business. The Financial Health Dashboard Software analyzes  the profit and loss statement and the balance sheet for the past three years or more and  produces a dozen graphs that indicate how well the firm is doing financially. An article recommends ways to increase law firm profits.

$750.00  To order, call our Toll Free telephone number (866) 746-9514.

Growth Service -- How to Grow Your Firm Efficiently
When firms grow, they may not know the level of person to hire. The answer to the issues presented in very fast growth, is usually more people. Firms easily become bloated with excess personnel. Our Growth law firm software assists firms in enhancing efficiencies, hiring appropriate level of personnel and understanding capacity constraints. An article in the Update explains how to deal with fast growth.

Consulting Service -- Fee is based on the size of the firm.  For more information, call our Toll Free telephone number (866) 746-9514.

Pay-for-Performance Software
The highest paid employees should have the highest job performance. There will always be a degree of variability in any organization. Our Pay-for-Performance law firm software realigns compensation with performance objectives. Pay-for-Performance Software  provides the reviewer with several attributes to evaluate associates. Each attribute is weighted according to the job description and performance  goals.
The optimal distribution of compensation is calculated.

The complication in Pay-for–Performance applications is the redistribution of compensation. What if your policies are to never take money away from an employee holding the same pay? Adjustments may recommend a pay reduction. The Pay-for-Performance software allows the user to add constraints such as minimum increases, maximum increases and no pay reductions. With each constraint, there will be more mismatching in a true Pay-for-Performance relationship. This law firm software reduces the error to a minimum given the limitations stipulated.

$995.00  To order, call our Toll Free telephone number (866) 746-9514.

Staffing Software
Have you ever had a hard time figuring out which level of person to hire? This law firm software helps determine the number of people whom you need based on the amount of work, the level of competency needed based on the type of work, and the alignment of tasks based on the type of work. This software is particularly useful in firms with high growth that may need to hire people. Oftentimes, analyzing the workflow reveals an undiscovered work capacity and realignment of tasks yields higher operational efficiency, which may increase profits. An article in the Daily Journal describes the process of staffing.

$595.00  To order, call our Toll Free telephone number (866) 746-9514.

Client Risk Assessment Software
Clients who don’t pay your invoices can ruin a law practice. By assessing the ability for your clients to pay, you can minimize your risk of taking on bad debt. This law firm software product conducts a statistical analysis of qualities that drive non-payment. For example, a family law attorney discovered that when the court date has been set and the client is in a rush to complete documents, then the risk of non-payment increases. Take the guesswork out of accepting new clients by using a software program to help your evaluation.  An article in the Update describes the client risk assessment process.

$795.00  Customized Software. To order, call our Toll Free telephone number (866) 746-9514.

How Healthy is Your Law Firm?
Oftentimes, attorneys may not know the health of their law firms. Using this law firm software, attorneys answer a series of questions that indicate the condition of the firm – excellent to poor health, where the firm is anemic. This is a good tool to use in testing the major areas of a firm to ensure that you are healthy. Areas covered include: planning, personnel ratios, financials, accounts receivable, expenses, leveraging and profitability. An article discusses ways to increase the health of your law firm.

$99.00  To order, call our Toll Free telephone number (866) 746-9514.

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Tracking Software
Keeping track of attorneys' continuing education credits is complicated. The CLE Tracking Software automatically monitors legal education credits and mandatory education requirements. Can be customized for attorneys outside California.

$295.00  To order, call our Toll Free telephone number (866) 746-9514.

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