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Organizing Your Office
by Barbara Lewis MBA and Dan Otto MBA

 Does your office have job procedures?  If not, you may be missing an opportunity to improve the efficiency in the office, especially if you are hiring new personnel. 

If seasoned employees train new employees, there’s a risk that the job explanation may be incorrect.  When there is a written task procedure, you know that the new employee will learn the proper way to do the task. 

Do you have written procedures for the following tasks in your office:

  1. Assigning client matter                    
  2. Bookkeeping                                       
  3. Closing file                                          
  4. Dealing with client                     
  5. Dealing with opposing counsel
  6. Emergency procedures                           
  7. Equipment (fax, phone, copier)   
  8. Filing documents with court      
  9. Opening a file                                       
  10. Ordering supplies                                
  11. Taking phone messages                             
  12. Picking up/opening/sorting mail  
  13. Retainer policy                    
  14. Time reports
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