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Do You Know Who Your "Star" Clients

or Referral Sources Are?
by Barbara Lewis MBA and Dan Otto MBA

Centurion Consulting Group has found that databases provide you with excellent information on which are your star clients and referral sources. This knowledge helps you target the client for additional services and the referral source for increased networking.

Unfortunately, most attorneys cannot identify their top 10 or 20 clients or referral sources. Most have no idea, but are usually surprised at the results of an analysis.

Top Clients

Top clients should be segmented by amount of revenue generated for the firm, amount of growth of revenue, size of client in terms of company revenue and number of employees, growth of company, and excellent payment history.

Top Referral Sources

Top referral sources should be identified not only by the number of referrals, but by the amount of the matter. It’s better to have a referral source who refers two clients a year for $25,000 in fees each, than a source who refers 10 clients at $500 each.

Action Step:

When you’ve identified top clients and referral sources, you can concentrate on enhancing these relationships in depth. It’s far better to have in-depth relationships with five referral sources, for example, than it is to have superficial relationships with 50. The results will speak for themselves.

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